The Flying Moleskins-Kezia-the Spark and wonder!

charcoal dust graphite Kezia museum mount cardboard the flying moleskins

This is my contribution to Sheila's Sketchbook, this is part of a world wide sketchbook exchange I am currently taking part in with 12 other artists. She asked us to put in it anything we loved besides art. My answer to that is-Children!

So I decided to draw my little girl, Kezia, who is a spark and wonder!

Kezia-the spark & wonder! 6" x 6", charcoal an graphite, 2011

When in church, I enjoy teaching children Sunday school lessons with captivating stories form the Bible and I am always delighted to see their facial expressions when they enjoy the lesson!

This drawing was done with charcoal dust and water, and graphite for the details on museum mount board.

Special Quote
"Be Like a postage stamp-stick to one thing until you get there"-Josh Billings

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