Ashburnham Road, Off Lots Road (18) Chelsea Marathon

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This is number 18 of my current series of paintings and drawings of Chelsea.

This street is near to my studio. I have been longing to painting this shop for years and I'm so happy that I have finally done it. It's a shop called FENS. They sell some really trendy antique stuff.

Ashburnham Road, Off Lots Road (18) Chelsea Marathon, 10" x 8", oil on board
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I didn't want the painting to be about only the shop, so when painting it I planned to have a backdrop of the building in it, to create some depth and perspective.

Stage 1- All set to fly! Organization is important, if you notice, all the colours are laid out in a specific order of light to dark and there's enough space to mix clean colours. There's also a nice area for my mediums- LIQUIN, IMPASTO GEL AND MAROGER.

Stage 2- This is where the painting is born, the sketch stage, everything can fall apart here, but once you get the drawing or the sketch right. There's less fuss to worry about. It's then all about painting the shapes. Here, I am working from Inside-Out. which means I finish each area from the inside and move outwards. This is quite different from the outside-in technique of starting with broad shapes and finishing with details. With this style every part gets finished from the word GO!

I think I painted this for exactly 3 hours and I sat to paint with my "Pleinaircycle" parked just opposite the shop on the other side of the road.

Stage 3- It's always good to deal with the background first and slowly whisper your way forward. That is why I have gone for the sky and trees first, then I moved to the White building, the road,  just as if I was traveling from the background to the foreground.

Adebanji painting the piece.

Stage 4- The shop then is the final phase, I took my time to make an impression of it. In Plein-air painting, it is always good to keep asking yourself-HOW CAN I SIMPLIFY what I am seeing? How can I make an IMPRESSION of the REALITY I see. How can I make that impression IN MY OWN LANGUAGE in the simplest manner with the fewest amount of brushstrokes

"Never be in a hurry to finish a painting.....HASTE IS THE ARTIST'S WORST ENEMY"- Adebanji Alade

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