Grey Evening Light, Kings Road (17) Chelsea Marathon

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This is number 17 in my current series of paintings and drawings of Chelsea.

It's all about the way I see Chelsea and the way the places that really interest me.

This time it's back to Kings Road! You wait for the number 19 Bus at Duke of York Square and none comes, until two come at the same time! That's a typical London Scene!

Grey Evening Light, Kings Road (17) Chelsea Marathon. 10" x 8", Oil on Board
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I love Kings Road and I pass through this Road almost everyday, I could almost paint this scene without looking....I am so attached to this part of Chelsea.

In this piece I have painted from a picture reference I took from a 22 Bus traveling in the opposite direction.

I didn't want to overwork this scene but I wanted it to have a feeling of a work in progress and a work with some feel of motion in it.

"My own palette has been reduced to three primaries and white. I usually add a couple of grays as values to modify color and tone."-Scott L. Christensen

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