At the Royal Watercolour Society Open Exhibition 2009.

bankside Gallery exhibition people. watercolour Royal Watercolour Society

I was at the private exhibition of the RWS Open Exhibition on Tuesday and although I arrived a bit late I got to meet with Richard Sorrell PRWS, The President and David Paskett VPRWS, The Vice President, they were both impressed about my work and David Paskett who I snapped with my painting below said it was one of his best paintings in the show, they both encouraged me right there and then to apply for membership, they couldn't guarantee anything but they said It would be worth the try! So I am going to give it a try! There were some nice work there and If you have the chance get over and see it, it ends on the 15th of March, 2009.

David Paskett showed me his little sketchbook and I was amazed at the number of sketches he had done recently on his trip to foreign lands. One thing stood out and that was his keen eye for detail, little movements, compositions and settings that most people miss on trips like that. I was ever more encouraged to keep sketching! Just check out his site to see his fantastic watercolours

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