Sketches on the tube, train and bus in February X (MY BIRTHDAY TODAY)

people sketches

More sketches a busy day yesterday! I went on the tube, train and bus. At the beginning of the year when I thought I wouldn't be able to use the trains again because of the high rise in prices, I despaired because it is harder sketching on buses- shorter journeys, more movement and the sitting arrangement isn't that encouraging too. But I just went on to sketch on the buses anyway. If I saw a back view -I'll sketch it, a side view- I'll sketch it! I sketched anything that came my way and I never knew that it would make sketching in the train much easier. I noticed this yesterday when sketching on the trains and tube- it wasn't as hard as it used to be!

By the way, today is my birthday! Thanks to all you encouraging folks out there who take time to view these pages and read this blog! The old man is 37 today and If not because of the neck aches and back aches I still feel young as ever!

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