Awards and Special Mentions towards the end of 2008

Adam Cope Awards Casey Klahn Katherine Tyrell

Its always great to get a little bit of recognition here and there.

First I got The Special Mention for a Portrait Drawing Portfolio - Award presented by Making A Mark- A Blog I refer to as "Art Manna"- Its like an art breakfast, you go there in the morning everyday and you are sure to get fresh "art manna" from Katherine. Her commitment and passion to the art world is second to none!

Adebanji Alade (Adebanji Alade: My Art, My Passion for Sketching) for his portfolio of drawings of people on buses, tubes and trains in London. Adebanji shows a firm commitment to drawing from life at every opportunity despite the fact that drawing on a moving bus/tube/train is not easy and your models are always apt to exit at the next stop!

This special mention was nominated by Adam Cope (Dordogne Painting Days)His sketches of people on the London Underground are fascinating. Sketch-blogging at it's best as they unroll & continue to unroll...I start somewhere to get the feeling that there's just no end to this 'exposition', this presentation of an endless subject. Tuesday, November 25, 2008 Particularly like the accompanying text for this page: "More people............ I saw so many interesting faces today, sometimes they leave just before I could finish..............Life goes on! "

Also I got into the Ten top Art Blog Posts by The Colorist-New School Color - Casey Klahn- A very interesting art blog- you just have to see the variety of stuff he comes up with!

Adebanji Alade, Adebanji Alade: My Art, My Passion for Sketching, Afro XIX, December 9, 2008.
Jaw-dropping honestly and authenticity in portraiture with a pencil.

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