CAPTURED!, 8" x 10", Mixed Media on Canvas Board, 2009

acrylic biro canvas board. coloured pencil different strokes from different folks

This was the last challenge before the end of 2008 on Karin Juricks Different Strokes From Different Folks.

We were to paint each other and luckily for me I ended up being paired with (now I know) James Parker- He attempts to portray, on canvas, his concern and admiration for the other creatures on this planet, and perhaps capture the imagination of those that view his works. He doesn't consider himself an artist in the formal sense, but more of an illustrator seeking to uncover a bit of personality in the wildlife he paints.

This is the painting I did of him

I was lucky to know what sort of art he does because he sent me a copy of his picture of me and a link to his site. I now used this information to tell a bit of a story of something that might happen, if he keeps painting those day he'll go on one of his trips, seeking a new frog to paint and suddenly they'll set a trap for him and he'll be captured, just like he captures them brilliantly on canvas....This piece was done mostly with Acrylic, Biro and coloured pencils on Canvas Board

And this is the painting he did of me

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