Bath Marathon III Day 4, 5 and 6

6 x 8 alla prima Bath Experience Bath Marathon landscape painting oil on board plein air urban life

More shots from day 4-6 of the third marathon. The highlight of this was the Circus!

127-132.1-I never planned to make this piece of the Circus a panoramic 6" x 48" piece. I started the first one and I asked myself, Why not another? I could do this because the Circus in Bath is just like a circle with three trees in the middle. As I started this painting one of the residents came out to give me a nice cup of tea. He said, "may the sun shine for you all day long".

127-132.2-Another shot of the progress.

127-132.3-Another shot of the progress and all six put together

127-132.4- The full six, I had to work placing them all on the floor towards the end. A lady then came with cakes and a nice cup of tea. She said you deserve this after a hard day at work, I had been there from around 10.15am to 6.30pm. It was one of my best days yet in the whole Marathon so far. I never planned to have it this way-but then Divine Inspiration sets in and all I could do was to stand in awe of the workings of the Almighty God!

133- This is Burton Street at night!

134-This is Landsdown Crescent on a very dull and cold autumn day.

135-Another shot at Landsdown Crescent facing west, around Somerset place. I really loved the sheep but my board was too small to do justice to them.

136-This is Landsdown Crescent facing east, around Landsdown Road. The day was fast fading but I was out to capture the mist as it settled on a cold grey evening.

137- I really enjoyed this one of Somerset Place at night, I was told a Millionaire bought this property from the University for £1 million and plans to develop it and sell for £4 million. Hmmm.... good business!

138- This is the Old Farm House at Belvedere, as I was coming down from Landsdown Road, I couldn't resist painting this place as the light around was brilliant for visible work at night.

139- This was a day when the rain got the better of me and my painting. I had just finished being part of the Judging panel for the Bath Prize and I got changed to start painting the Abbey and the heavens opened with a very heavy down pour. Hence the effect of rain in the painting, something that remained unresolved till I finished.

140-This is the Thermae Bath Spa building were cute people relax and burn out a lot of stress, I could do with one good soak but there's no rest.......

141-This is the Cross Bath Building, I don't know why it is called that. I had to treat it as a still life as day faded into night and there was not much interest as dramatic lighting.

142-This piece was inspired by the moonlight. I was just about to walk up the stairs to the YMCA from Walcot Street when the illuminated sky hit me, I thought-ONE LAST PIECE! It came out nice and I was pleased I persevered!

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