Bath Marathon III Day 7, 8 and 9

6 x 8 alla prima Bath Experience Bath Marathon landscape painting oil on board plein air urban life

Here marks the end of Bath Marathon III! All Glory to God! I'm getting closer and closer to the 200 mark for the exhibition at the Bath Gallery in November. If you are in or around the UK in November, don't miss it if you love OIL PAINTINGS or the Beauty of Plein air work. I'll update you with the exact dates asap.

143-This was a cold morning from the top of St Stephens Road, from there a nice sky view of the city can be seen.

144-This is a spectacular view from Landsdown Place West, I just loved the winding road and the "zoomy" feel it gives.

145-Doric House, "Wonderful picture of extraordinary re-creation of Greek temple; house built for Thomas Barker in 1805; some of his work can be seen in the Holburne Museum in Bath. One wall of interior of house is a fresco by Barker of the massacre of Scio by the Turks 1822: alas, no public access..."-Richard Camp. I just loved the sight of this extra-ordinary building called Doric House. I painted it from Cavendish Crescent.

146-This is pure Landscape view of the Golf Course from Cavendish Crescent.

147-This is a view of Cavendish Crescent from the Golf Course.

148-I didn't want to miss out the Jane Austen Centre in Bath, they were holding a festival at the time I painted this and all around the area you could see ladies and men dressed up in the kind of attire she wore in those days. There were 2 guys in this painting, standing in front of the railing in the same position for a long time, so I decided to add them. They later came to see themselves in it and took a picture with the painting!

149,150-This is my best place in Bath(Kingsmead Square), I love it so much! I have done a view of this place before but not with the blazing sunlight and big tree in focus. This had to be a double for me to get the magnitude of the tree.

151-Bath Rugby had just finished a game at the Bath Rugby grounds and as I was passing by the parade gardens, I saw this fantastic view of the pitch lighted up with the floodlights in the night. I gave it a go and was pleased with the result.

152-This is one of the paradise spots in Bath. The Sham Bridge in Prior Park. I enjoyed every bit of this one!

153-This is a pure landscape view of Palladian Bridge, Prior Park. I'll still need to get closer shot of this bridge, as it is just a beauty!

154,155- Yepeee!!!! Number 155!!! I couldn't really smile as it was really cold! A wonderful building of the Prior Park College. It had a lovely all round landscape feel to it I had to justify this with a double.

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