Highlights of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Open painting Evening (Long Overdue)

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I can't believe I haven't posted anything this year !!!!

This post is long overdue, I just had to finish off a big illustration project, before I could get my head around blogging. Now it's complete, I'm back on track and ready to go in  2014.

This all happened last year, so I can't remember much but I have a lot of pictures that speak louder than anything I can say, hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned to this blog for lots more to come! And happy New Year by the way!!!

Cross Section of the busy evening with painters digging it and sweating it out!

A non member at work, can't remember her name, she had a great resemblance of the model that night!

Adebanji at work

Adebanji Alade's painting during the session and after the session (re-worked the wrong bits when I got to the studio)

Adebanji Alade's juicy palette

David Curtis with his painting

David Pilgrim at work, he had a great night, I really loved his painting of Kit!

Haidee-Jo Summers at work

Mr President Ian Cryer at work

A stolen Shot of Katherine Tyrell's Sketchbook on the day- I can see Peter Barker and David Pilgrim there!

Leanne Rutter's Painting....I can't believe she painted this sitting down! She started this painting and it looked like chaos but when I came back, I couldn't believe my eyes!

Linda Alexander with her Prize winning Painting. She looks so proud of her piece! It was good!

The Master Luis Morris at work. If you want to enjoy a guy that paints like an angel, get to watch him paint, you'll love the whole process!

Luis Morris' Palette- notice there are only a few primary colours, but they are a hot and cold of each one!

Luis Morris painting.....breathless! The beauty of shapes!!!

A man with a massive palette, a bold approach and a winning painting on the night- that's the ever colourful Michele De Campo!

Detail of Michele De Campo's Winning Painting on the night

Nathalia Avdeeva with her little piece that captured a cross section of the painters on the night.

A non member on the night, can't remember his name, but I really loved his explosive approach on the night!

Another Non member, I can remember his name, he had a really calculated approach based on solid drawing!

one of the models on the night

Richard Price's palette and painting, I love it! I could take it away forever! He has captured the senior citizens of the ROI- Bill Dean, Ronald Morgan and in the distance is David Curtis.

Roger Dellar's peowerful shot!!

All the Prize winners on the night!

The Overall winner on the night! Simple and straightforward! Less is more!

A bit more detailed view of the winning painting!

Tim Benson at work on his thick "impastoed" pieces!

Just take that! Tim Benson's Palette, and finished piece!

Tim King at work on Kit

Newly Elected ROI member Tony Merrick and his daughter, who was one of the models on the night.

one of the models on the night

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