London Commuters the mixed media version, 40" x 24", Mixed Media on Board

2B graphite pencil acrylic arches watercolour paper coloured pencil mixed media newspaper oil

This is one of those pieces that I get to do when I feel like making a statement about my experiences(these experience range from what I see in peoples faces, discussion I had with people as I sketch, the way I felt on the day I sketched the person, inspiration I gathered from the journey that day and a host of other things) on public transport, the press cuttings and the constant cancellations and delays. Most of it is personal and all the sketches used for this piece were done right there and then on public transport. The coloured sketches were all done directly from the sketches with no other references used.
The joy of juxtaposing and composing these kind of pieces knows no bounds, it makes one feel like a child again in the craft class.


"I know that a design works when the eye moves around the format instead of becoming focused in one place."-Robert Bateman, Design & Composition secrets of professional artists.

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