Morning Greys, Lots Road Pub and Dining Rooms (4) Chelsea Marathon

Adebanji Alade alla prima chelsea Chelsea Marathon Chelsea Painter Chelsea Paintings london Lots Road oil oil on board plein air

Here comes number 4!

 The Chelsea Marathon continues.

Morning Greys, Lots Road Pub and Dining Rooms, 10" x 8", Oil on board

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This time I'm on Lots Road again and it's the lovely bend on Lots Road that caught my attention. I really love architecture and this one is just a typical example why.

Adebanji Alade painting Lots Road Pub and Dining Rooms

 Just the lovely curve and the broad sky around it on an early Saturday morning was just everything I needed to get me down there with my plein air gear!

"Things out of doors are very much of a  silhouette -Silhouettes and patterns are always vital whatever the conditions of light so long as we can see at all."-Charles Webster Hawthorne

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