Morning Light, Lots Road Power Station (1) Chelsea Marathon

8 x 10 Adebanji Alade alla prima Architectural illustration Architectural Sketches chelsea Chelsea Marathon Chelsea Painter Lots Road oil oil on board Paintings of Chelsea plein air

This is the first piece in the Chelsea Marathon.

Morning Light, Lots Road Power Station, Oil on board, 10" x 8" SOLD
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I have been at my studio at Lots Road for almost 10 years and I haven't painted this scene. This is why this marathon comes in handy because it helps me to be able to take up some places that are nearby but never really explored with paint.

Adebanji painting the scene.

This building has been here for a while!  I really love the colours of the paint that has been stripped back from the construction works going on. I decided to capture the effect of the light in the morning as it pours out from behind.

This is the painting set up on Lots Road
"The process alone is worth the effort"- Scott Christensen

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