My New Painting DVD-More Information

DVD landscape painting me

As promised yesterday, in this post I'll just be giving a little more information about the DVD with some more pictures. When the trailer is out on YOUTUBE, I'll be making a new post on that later on. The release date is the 29th of November and you would be able to get them from TownHouse Films.

During the summer holidays I travelled to Cromer to do 4 paintings, all of which are featured in this DVD. It is titled,"COASTAL ADVENTURES IN ACRYLIC"

These are some pictures taken during the shoot out at Cromer.

Adebanji on Cromer Pier with the onlookers
While painting this you'll be able to see the way I plot the scene to include figures along the Pavilion and how simplified it can be.

The mediums I used for the paintings

This is the way I used my palette throughout the paintings

These are the colours I used during the whole coverage, all Winsor & Newton Artists Acrylic

Adebanji painting Cromer from the Rocket House Cafe
While painting this you'll see how, from a toned monochrome surface, the painting starts to build up with life and vibrant colours all painted with PASSION!

Stay tuned as I keep you updated, meanwhile I'll continue with my Bath Marathon 4 PART 2, tomorrow!

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