Bath Marathon 4 PART 2

alla prima Bath Experience Bath Marathon landscape painting oil on board plein air

The Bath Marathon continues and these are more shots of me at it! I tried in most of these to keep out of sight, so you can see the paintings without my distracting face but I ended up sneaking in again!

166-Road Beside the Royal Crescent, from Upper Church Street- The light was brilliant lighting the figures and trees, this was real fun!

167-Far End of Royal Crescent, Sun Bathed- This was a great place to capture as the sun was blazing over the grass and almost blazed the whole end of the building!

168-Up Chapel Row towards Queen's Square- I had just finished doing some sketching at Chapel Row Gallery as they were celebrating drawing for the whole day and after that I just popped out and painted this scene. I loved the light across the buildings.

169-Chapel Row, down to Green Park-This was a typical urban scene in Bath and it had all the traffic and figures down Chapel Row.

170,171- The Last golden Tones around the Royal Crescent-This is a double, it was a great scene around the Royal Crescent and the sun was cutting through the fields. The night came upon me too soon but I worked really fast to keep up with the fading light.

172-John Street at Night- Great little Street, while painting this, I met the owners of a building called Doric House, I painted it in my 3rd Marathon. They inquired about the painting and are keen to buy it! They said they saw me painting it in the cold!

173-Milsom Street at Night From Jack Wills- Jack Wills is a great spot to take bearing from at night. You won't need a night lamp because the light from Jack Wills is perfect and almost daylight in intensity!

174-NO 1 ROYAL CRESCENT WITHOUT THE CARS-This was another piece I decided to do without the cars because I wanted it to have a nice historical feel to it.

175, 176-The fields in front of Royal Crescent- I never planned to paint this as a double, but when I completed the first piece, it just didn't look right without a second, I hit full form while knocking this one off, I was dancing with the light.

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Watch out for the post tomorrow, as I am going to be posting the 2 minute trailer of the DVD, so you can have a preview of what it is going to be like. I'm sure you'll love it!

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