Plein air at Chiswick and Henley.

alla prima boats landscape landscape painting oil on board plein air Plein air Brotherhood ponds

These are 2 paintings I did in the summer, they were part of Plein Air Brotherhood Exhibition.

This place is amazing! I was drawn to the pool because the reflections were just irresistible! It was quite a challenge with the greens always changing.But in the end I enjoyed it!

The Swan Pond Chiswick, 16" x 8", Oil on Board, 2011 SOLD

This was my first time here. I started painting the first boat and It was all going well until I heard it was going to move in about 12 minutes! Too short, I had to innovate with a new one that took it's place. Then as I was painting, Roy drew my attention to an oncoming steamboat and I very quickly got it down. It was a nice experience, as I was also painting alongside David Pilgrim and John Dobbs.

The Steamboat Arrives Henley, 10" x 8", Oil on Board, 2011 SOLD

"I strive to capture the moment, that fleeting light or atmospheric effect, tackled with a sense of urgency and an awareness that the prevailing conditions are transient and will not be precisely repeated"- (Trevor Chamberlain)

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