The Making of Rush Hour VIII, 24" x 20", Oil on Canvas, 2011

demo figurative figures london oil on canvas people rush hour tube underground

Rush Hour VIII, 24" x 20", Oil on Canvas, 2011 SOLD

This was one of the paintings I did earlier this year, it was part of the London Paintings Group show I had at Enid Lawson Gallery. I have posted this piece before but not with a few shots of the stages.
This post is just to show the stages I go through to paint a Rush Hour Scene. The sketching is very important and also the ability to paint the shapes of each figure in relation to another. The pictures here are just to reveal the stages with little explanation because I wasn't really planning a demonstration but I normally like to take pictures of different stages while I work, do I can also go back to learn from the process for future work.


The canvas is toned with brownish orange, a warm colour, I purposely wanted this colour to show through. I did the sketches with Tom Bow Wash Felt Marker.


I added more figures with a darker marker. All brown to match the same colour scheme.


The painting starts from the figures at the back and gradually sneak forward to the figures in the foreground.


All figures connected.

"You must draw with the Brush"-John Singer Sargent-(one of my all time favourite painters)

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