Rain, Rain and Rush Hour, 24" x 20", Oil on Canvas, 2011(Plus Competition)

cityscape competition london oil on canvas rain reflections rush hour urban life

Rain, Rain and Rush Hour, 24" x 20", Oil on Canvas, 2011 SOLD

This is one of many paintings I did last year, which I am yet to post. This particular piece has two of my favourite subjects combined-Rain and Rush Hour! Viewing these scenes are almost magical to me, all my senses start ticking and I'm really on edge to get the right shot with my camera- I need an umbrella in one hand and my camera in the other. I can take up to hundreds of shots, just to end up with one that will suit the kind of painting idea I have in mind. Then I bring the picture back to the studio and paint it with the spirit of the scene in mind!

The First person to know the exact spot of this painting in London, gets a Nice New Years Prize! The prize is not mentioned, you have to trust me to give out something good. Mr Adebanji always has surprises up his sleeves and is willing to post to anywhere in the world! The only rule is that you cannot post the answer twice, you have only one attempt and that's it! Good luck and hope you enjoy! Once the winner emerges-I'll congratulate them on the comments section and announce their prize too! Past winners of my competitions can win again, it's free to all!

"I like to use my imagination when I paint-While the stimulus of painting en plein air is very exciting, I don't want to be a slave to the landscape. I enjoy using a variety of references, be they photographs, sketches or quick oil studies done outdoors, and working them up to larger pieces in my studio."-Peter Wileman
from his book, "Painting Light in Oils"

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