Sketches on the Train, Bus and Tube in January I

bus london London Transport people people sketches public transportation Southeastern trains tube

These are some back load of sketches from last year which I haven't posted-they show everything I feel when I observe people everyday. I could catch a sleeping man three times, if he keeps changing the pose! I simply love it! I could catch a lady putting on make-up in a rush on the train-this says a lot about London life! Someone could be right there, staring at me and I'll take it on, full and bold-they'll ask if they can have a look and I'll smile and say , Yes!! Then I watch their reactions, always a mixture of shock and excitement! London is the place to be! Hope you enjoy!

"The sketch is, by everyone's admission, extraordinarily clever and characteristic: it is of course mere dabs and blurs and considerably caricatured, but certainly more like me than I expected anything could(be)"-Veron Lee, in a letter to her mother on Sargent's 3 hour painting of her.

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