Recent Fun Day Sketches, July 2009

funday people sketches

Before I start this post I'll like to tell you I have been shortlisted again!!! So I start my campaigns again for the next two weeks for votes- for those of you who don't know what this is about, it's a bursary award organised by British Airways to sponsor upcoming British Talents in various fields, for a free trip to their Dream destination, my dream is to capture New York. It is all down to public votes so SPREAD THE NEWS NEAR AND FAR!! CLICK HERE to VOTE.

For the past two weekends I have doing some more funday sketches, mostly of children. What pains me most is that I somehow forget to snap the pictures of the sketches, because it is all busy and buzzing.

At last one I attended I even got someone who asked me to sketch their dog, now that's no joke! I did it and they paid me double in the end! Enjoy the pictures and sketches!

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