Sketch of Sylvia, Graphite on Paper(A2) 2009

commission graphite people sketches watercolour paper

Those of you who are current with my blog would remember the sketch I did of Dorothy. Through my friend Graham I got to met another wonderful elderly lady called Sylvia, she is going to be 102 this month!

Since I knew I was going to only have about an hour or so to complete this commission, immediately I met her I quickly shared pleasantries then started concentrating, sometimes this is funny because while we are talking I am drawing with my eyes, "feeling" the structure of her main features. I just love faces and hers was full of life and character! She had never been sketched before and didn't do many photos either, so this was a great opportunity to enjoy the sketching and also help her to have one that she'll keep, probably for many more years ahead. You might be wondering why I have said this, but this lady is so mobile and full of life, she moves so swiftly, she even took me and Graham for a fine lunch afterwards!

Sylvia (detail)

Talking about God renewing ones strength in old age- This was a crystal clear example! She really liked the sketch after I'd finished.

Below are some shots Graham took of me while in the spirit of sketching!

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