"...The Valley of The Shadow of Death.." 18" x 12", Mixed Media on Paper, 2009

acrylic charcoal dust different strokes from different folks DSFDF graphite Karin Jurick mixed media watercolour

This is my entry into this Karin Juricks Different Strokes from Different folks. The reference picture was very interesting and it had a lot of drama to it.

My interpretation of the challenge was a real challenge in itself. Not really a challenge to compose and paint, but because of the reason why I chose to depict the challenge this way. Last week I lost a gem. He was only 16! Now, that has blown me off a bit but I have tried my best to keep busy so I don't get into depressed thoughts. It has helped but once in a while I need a bit of comfort and the Holy Spirit has ministered in a calming way. I also discovered this SONG on youtube and it has been a blessing to me during this period. My heart goes out to his parents(they are like my parents, when I first came to London, with no where to stay, they accommodated me for 9 months, and I never knew them prior to this)and his siblings, this is a moving time for them but God has really been on their side.

First, I will talk a bit a about this piece which I have dedicated to Prince Onwubiko (1993-2009)He was a sweet guy, full of life and had a great spirit! He was an artist too and I have mentored him ever since I discovered he had a talent for art. Last year, he did his first work experience with me for 2 weeks at my studio. I never knew he'd be gone this soon. He died of a brain hemorrhage. Below are some pictures I took of him while he was learning a few things with me.

I have used this piece to remember him because he had a great flair for Fantasy Art and would have loved it so much. But on the other hand I am also using it to remind myself about the brevity of life and that WE SHALL ALL HAVE TO PASS THROUGH THE SHADOW OF THE VALLEY OF DEATH. It is my prayer that when we get there WE SHALL FEAR NO EVIL. Like the Psalmist said, he knew his God and declared THY ROD and THY STAFF, THEY COMFORT ME...." May we all be prepared for this moment which comes to both old and young, with no certain date of when it is going to happen. May we all prior to that moment, have made peace with God, by accepting His Son as our LORD and Saviour!

As seen in this painting, we are all warriors and throughout life we are going to have to fight and endure the journey of life with its ups and downs, sunshine and rain, healing and pain, and most of all that final moment when we have to pass through that lonely valley of the shadow of death.

more pictures of Prince

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