Sketches on the bus, train and tube in February III

people sketches

These are some of my recent sketches on public transport. The guy above slept all the way from Toy's R Us on Old Kent Road(SE15) in a Bus 453 to Parliament Square(W1). Now that's a sketchers delight! It's because of opportunities like this, that the sketch hunter MUST have a sketchbook handy, just a pocket size one and a sketching tool (pen, biro, pencil) ready to "fire" at short notice when a great model appears!

Special quote
"At most college-level art schools, instructors take the easy way by letting students do their own thing. Why? Because it'll "stifle your creativity". NONSENSE!
Figure Drawing is really not about learning how to draw the Figure! It's about learning how to make your eye see something, your mind perceive it, and your hand obey.
The human figure is the best subject to practice on, not only because it's endlessly challenging, but because anyone, even you can accurately evaluate your progress.
With a figure drawing, if it looks right, it quite likely IS right.
Clearly it is worth the effort to learn to draw.
Your investment is small, and the payoff comes EVERY TIME you pick up pencil or brush.
I don't know the first thing about a horse's hind end, but I can draw it. A cowboy, or an artist, or anyone, can look at my drawing and say, "That Harley really knows his horses!"
I don't know horses. I just know how to observe a horse. I know how to reproduce what's in front of me.
You can learn it too. Yes, YOU CAN DO IT!
But your eye has to be trained. And the way to train it, is to draw constantly, not to learn how to place muscles, not to do fabric folds, but to learn to SEE what's before you, to SIMPLIFY what you see, and PUT IT DOWN ACCURATELY with as few strokes as possible"- HARLEY BROWN on "DRAWING IS IMPORTANT"

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