Sketches on the bus train and tube in July I

people sketches

These are all a back log of sketches, unpublished, I still have one more batch to go. The purpose of these sketches is to keep my drawing skills alert which come in handy while doing my figurative painting and plein air work.
All have been done right there and then on public transport, nothing to hide, pure passion for human faces!

"It's not surprising that this artist excels....He is enthusiastic about his art: he makes endless studies: he spares neither care nor expenses in order to have the models that suit him, he would willingly fall on his knees before the bearer of that head to attract him to his studio. He is constantly on the lookout in the streets, in the churches, in markets, at the theatre, on promenades, in public gatherings. When he is thinking about a subject he is obsessed with it, constantly preoccupied. Even his character is marked by it.: he assumes that of his picture: he is brusque, sweet, insinuating, caustic, flirtatious, sad, gay, warm, serious, mad, according to whatsoever he is working on."-Denis Diderot on Greuze from the book Greuze the Draftsman

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