Sketches on the bus train and tube in July II

people sketches

This is the other set of sketches I have done recently. All sketches done on the spot on public transport. I never get tired of these exercises, although sometimes I am not in the mood to sketch but then I see a face I can't resist-It's always a relief to capture a face that has caught my attention into my sketchbook.
I think life begets life, and these sketches are the works I tremendously cherish. Recently I exhibited 18 sketched heads at the Chelsea Art Society exhibition- it got a HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD and it got sold too. I think people can relate so much to London life and the different moods on the faces of people.

That's me with Julian Barrow and the Mayor of The Royal Borough of Kessington & Chelsea. Part of my work can be seen behind us.(Picture taken by Roy Connelly)

"A pupil must learn early in the study of drawing to appreciate mentally all the planes that encompass the head, though to the physical eye from a given point of view only certain ones may be visible. This consciousness and understanding of the planes will enable the student the more readily to approach and comprehend the three essentials that characterize a strong drawing:
First, the carriage of the head, or it's action;
Second, it's construction;
Third, the character and personality of the sitter.
With thorough appreciation of the three requirements, accompanied by a simplicity of expression through a PRACTICED HAND, the student is well on their way to draftsmanship"-John Vanderpoel from his book "The Human Figure"

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