Sketches on the train and tube in February IV

people sketches tips on sketching people on public transport

These are more sketches, some are really finished and if blown up can serve as solid references for portraits, they have the finished look because I had a bit more time to sketch(a longer journey between stops or the commuter held the same pose for a long time), while others that have a less finished look, are that way either because I had go get off at my stop and couldn't continue or commuter had to get off.

Some tips on sketching on public transport.

1. Get sketching today!

2. Sketch lightly at first, then when you are sure you can be definite.

3. If you see it be confident and try to sketch it, you’ll know it and love it better by sketching it!

4. On public transport don’t be shy, I have met so many different people who have taken the sketches home or had me e-mail it to them, one girl has the sketch I made of her on her facebook profile.

5. Where you sit on the public transport matters, if you want to sketch someone make sure you are not too close.

I'll continue more tips in my next post with sketches on public transport

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