Sketches on the train and tube in February V

people sketches tips on sketching people on public transport

More sketches.

Continuation of tips for sketching people on public transport

6. If while you are sketching you feel the person knows, show the person what you are doing and if they say, why, tell them you are practicing with no hidden agenda, this has happened to me many times and only once or twice did someone say, I don’t want it. If that is the case simply stop.

7. Have a bag you can rest the sketch pad on so that it does not expose the back of your sketch pad.

8. When people see what you do and are amazed, always be appreciative.

9. Don’t be discouraged if your sketches don’t turn out great, it is not about it being great, it is about you training your hands to record what your eyes see-with time you’ll see a drastic improvement.

10. While sketching keep your focus on structure. This has to do with the planes of the head, the overall structure. Once this is nailed down correctly, the features will fit in properly.

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