Sketches on the train, bus and tube in December I

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These are my latest sketches on public transport. All these sketches were either done on my way to my studio or when coming back from my studio-I commute from Belvedere in Kent, to Chelsea in Central London, the journey can take between 90 minutes to 180 minutes. Sometimes they happen when I see a face that I just can't resist sketching. I try to make notes on the sketches of where I started and ended the journey, or sometimes colour notes if I am going to transform the sketch into a colour rough. You can see more of how I do this on my blog "From Black and White to Colour".

Hope you enjoy these, I always love to see what simple lines and strokes can do with limited amount of tones. The results are not always what I expect but the experience is what I long for and enjoy! London is a bubbling city! The array of faces from different backgrounds and phases of life is just limitless. Hence I am addicted to sketching on public transport, are you?

Now, enough of these sketches, I am off to the Private View of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters where I am ready to have a grand feast of works by some of the finest painters using Oil in the United Kingdom and even beyond! I am happy to say I have a painting in the exhibition, which is my first portrait to be exhibited in the Mall Galleries!!!! I am thrilled and not only that, I am also thrilled because it's of a homeless guy I posted on few weeks ago. If I go up to this homeless guy and tell him he is in the Mall Galleries-where all the Federation of Britsh Artists exhibit, he won't believe it!-But that's what the power of sketching can do-I saw him, sketched him and produced a painting entirely from the sketch and now it's in the Prestigious Annual ROI Exhibition! Enough said, need to go and enjoy-I am also addicted to looking at beautiful paintings-sometimes I spend loads of minutes analysing how an artist went about a particular piece..........tell me to stop and just get going!;0)

'The reduction of a head in movement to a bare line seemed to me defensible' - Marcel Duchamp

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