The Spirit of Sketching on Public Transport in London (1999-2011)

people public transportation sketches

This is me and my 6 year old son , Josh! He seems to have seen the value in sketching and on a family trip, my wife took this picture in the heat of the moment as we were sketching a sleeping man opposite us!

This is my first post in the new year! I am using this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous new year! To kick off, I'll like to take you on a ride of 13 sketches from 13 different sketchbooks that I have used since 1999. Each sketch is done in a different year from 1999-2011. I have always loved to draw! But sketching became more of a passionate thing for me while in College in Nigeria. I discovered a book on "Sketching by Alywn Crawshaw" with one of my friends at College in 1993 and I haven't looked back ever since then! My passion for sketching on Public Transport also got fired up while in College at Heatherleys when Jeff Stultiens (My Tutor) advised us to take the life model on a trip round The Circle Line, and sketch her. I have loads of sketchbooks that have helped me improve my hand and eye coordination and has also made me see life and people in a totally new way, and this happens everyday, when I start on fresh page of paper in my sketchbook.

1999- 14th of May

2000-19th of March

2001-11th of January

2002-22nd of April

2003- 16th of June

2004- 30th of Novemeber

2005-21st of January

2006-4th of February

2007-10th of January

2008-29th of June

2009-13th of August

2010-23rd of February

2011-10th of October

If you are looking for a good new years resolution as an artist-THIS IS IT-SKETCH SOMETHING FROM LIFE EVERYDAY!
Don't get discouraged or think about the accuracy when you start, JUST DO IT! Do it for fun, do it to past time, do it to understand what interests you, do it to have a record of your progress and moreover just do it because it's the secret to getting better at drawing! Now, get that pad and give it a go!-Adebanji Alade

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